The next advancement indata-driven work

Harness your data and let it fuel your work so you can focus on reaching new heights.

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What is ?

A new and powerful platform that transforms the way data teams work.


Chart your journey

Skip the hassle of starting from scratch.

Leverage clean data

Pin, publish, and fork prepared data and code to boostrap your project. Contribute back your improvements.

Cut coding time

Pre-built, standard application components created by us and the community that let you start ahead of the rest.


Get to where you're going, fast

Focus on what matters to you.

Whole lifecycle

Our easy-to-use CLI manages the entire application lifecycle using the tools and environments you already know and love.

Compose workloads together

Build where you and your peers left off. No more copy and paste, kubelt is the best place to collaborate with data.


Scale sustainably

Never outgrow good data.

Zero-incident infrastructure

Kubelt is built on Kubernetes to be the most robust data operating system that scales on our cloud or yours.

One platform. Many workloads. No silos.

Kubelt allows you to connect and federate workloads directly to your peers enabling novel ways of working.

Be part of the revolution.

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is for everyone


We build kubelt with the best DX in mind. Use our CLI to deploy ELTs, APIs, ChatOps, and more.

Scale Ups

Accelerate your data science work to production and ship AI/ML based applications fast.


Leverage our CQRS/ES data architecture to modernize legacy workloads and derisk core business functions.


Build better financial products by composing workloads and data from across from your organization.


Establish an inventory of notebooks, pipelines, and models federated to peers within and across organizations.


Improve client campaign performance by using their first-party data without complex integration projects.

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